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Womens Sunglasses


Sunglasses for Women

Sure, sunglasses provide you with vital eye protection on a sun-soaked day, but our womens sunglasses have been known to cast a light of their own. Each pair of Abercrombie & Fitch shades possesses an element of permanence and nostalgia with both timeless and trendy options available. Every pair establishes itself as an essential that will be relevant for years to come.

Our Aviator Sunglasses have some real star power. They are a prime example of an impeccable design that has delivered for decades. Worn with one of our classic denim jackets, it’s easy to feel connected to truly timeless fashion. Our Half-Frame Sunglasses also offer a modern twist on a nostalgic favorite. It’s a quintessential design that never fails to add character to every look.

Want to add some glamour to your outdoor life? From poolside to patio, nothing tops our large frame sunglasses. Worn with the perfect one-piece swimsuit, they can light up even the most overcast days. And in classic black, they’ll go with your glow as well as your outfit, while providing complete and crucial coverage. 100% UV protection keeps you safe from harsh rays. And the cinched cotton pouch that come with every pair will keep them feeling new all year around.

Our sunny styles come in black, silver, brass, and the always-favored tortoise. From thin metal frames to thick acetate, we have the timeless treasures that are certainly here to stay. Find your favorite pair today. And then add the perfect hats, bags, and statement necklaces to keep the glamor coming.