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Fierce Gift Set

Fierce Intense - Candle
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Fierce Gift Set Rated 4.6667/5 based on 3 customer reviews
Fierce Gift Set - by , 2016-12-20
4/ 5stars
2002 FIERCE ReincarnatedTo all FIERCE lovers who are desperate to know whether FIERCE Intense is a return to the original 2002 formula, it's yes and no. BUT the sillage is very close to the old school FIERCE scent trail. Scent wise, it is in your face and packs that unique woody-peppery, warm musk rugged sweet punch that is very reminiscent of the classic 2002 FIERCE. It will bring back the old memories of what FIERCE was back in its glory days for all the die hard FIERCE fans! I highly recommend it! Same rules as the old FIERCE, apply SPARINGLY! Two sprays max!!! Anymore and you will make yourself sick and the others around you as well. 2002 FIERCE is reincarnated into a different bottle which looks awesome in my opinion. Very high and niche looking! Kudos to Abercrombie! Please offer 3.4 oz. bottles in the future! Will be stocking up on bottles!
Fierce Gift Set - by , 2016-12-16
5/ 5stars
A must-have for Fierce lovers!The Fierce Intense edition of the A&F classic, Fierce, is a good investment - one spritz leaves the scent's impression for weeks. (It's the same scent as Fierce, just more potent.) I'm expecting the bottle to last me at least an entire year. The candle burns evenly, leaving behind an impressively long-lasting aroma. It actually looks nice when it's burning, too. This gift set is a must-have for anyone who loves the scent of Fierce!
Fierce Gift Set - by , 2016-12-16
5/ 5stars
Make Fierce your favorite everywhere!Love the classic scent you smell when you walk into any good mall? Well that's Fierce! It grabs your soul, reels you in and pulls you into an Abercrombie and Fitch store! When you thought It couldn't get better, Intense kicks it up a notch and helps you smell like your favorite brand all day! Kicking back at home cozied up on a cool winter night? Light your Fierce candle and enjoy the brand you love with a cup of cocoa!
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Perfect for every Fierce lover, this Limited Edition gift set includes 1.7oz Fierce Intense Cologne and a Fierce candle, Imported

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