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Fierce For Her Perfume

Blackberry Leaves - Peony - Beach Woods
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Fierce For Her Perfume Rated 4.8261/5 based on 23 customer reviews
Fierce For Her Perfume - by , 2017-04-01
3/ 5stars
Beautiful opening; Dry-down not for meSadly, this perfume isn't for me. Alas, I first reviewed this too quickly in my excitement. This perfume opens up absolutely beautifully! It has a gorgeous, juicy, fresh opening that is just so amazing! That part I got right! This opening sadly does not last longer than a minute and then turns into a very pretty floral scent for another very, very brief moment. (I got this pretty middle correct, as well.) Finally, it settles into a very woodsy dry-down. I THOUGHT I loved this woodsy dry-down, but alas it just does not work with my body chemistry or something. I didn't realize it the first couple of times I wore this (I didn't realize that what I was smelling was coming off of me) but all I smell is burnt wood all day. Not a fresh, woodsy, earthy, unisex smell like I love, but I literally smell like driftwood that is burning in a beach bonfire. Minus the burnt-smell this might be a great thing, but on me all my nose picks up is burnt wood for hours and hours until I shower. I only figured out what was going on when I went to re-wear a top that I had been wearing when I sprayed this on, and BAM the burnt wood smell was back. Pretty sad as I really thought I had loved this, but it just isn't for me. I still highly recommend that others give it a try. This would be an HG fragrance if the opening was what stayed around on me OR maybe even if the beachwood that stayed around in the drydown lost the burnt smell. On the plus side, its lasting power is amazing. AND, the lighter body spray version of this scent wears beautifully on me, albeit does not stick around long. THANKFULLY I see that the perfume gods must have chosen to smile down upon me in my sadness as A&F has BROUGHT BACK WAKELY! Wakely lovers, rejoice! I had been using 8 Perfume in all forms as well as Perfume No.1 Undone to fill the void of missing my beloved Ready and Wakely perfumes, but now that Wakely is back I am over the moon with joy! Bring back Ready next and I may implode with excitement!
Fierce For Her Perfume - by , 2017-03-23
5/ 5stars
Great smelling fierceLove the smell of my fierce for women. It arrived very quickly.
Fierce For Her Perfume - by , 2017-02-27
5/ 5stars
Well Done, A&F! Gorgeous Scent ♥Though I said I would recommend this to a friend, I actually would avoid doing so just so this gorgeous scent can remain all mine! ;) I am a total perfume junkie, I own a gigantic assortment of bottles from all sorts of brands and design houses. This stuff has been my obsession since purchasing as a gift to myself a month ago! I spritzed it on one day in-store, adored it, wore it home, and bought the gift set online soon thereafter. Fierce for Her is soft enough for everyday use and to wear to work, yet lasts quite a while on me. (Lasts a lot longer on clothes vs. skin, but that's how it always goes for me.) I layer with the hand cream to prolong staying power. This scent is just gorgeous! It has an alluring and fresh opening that transforms into a perfect balance of floral and woodsy notes that linger. While I have adored Perfume No.1 Undone, 8, and most of 8's perfume cousins, I have been waiting for A&F to create something like this juice. While it does not smell anything like A&F's old beauties Wakely or Ready (I keep hoping for revivals of each!) it DOES remind me of them in the way it evolves so beautifully. I LOVE the earthiness and almost cologne-like quality of a woodsy dry-down in an otherwise very feminine fragrance. ♥
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Effortlessly sensual and sophisticated, Fierce Perfume is an undeniable feminine take on our signature scent. Striking the balance of classic and contemporary, this perfume captures the essence of desire.

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(23 Reviews)