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Fierce Intense Cologne

1.7 oz
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(4 Reviews)
Fierce Intense Cologne Rated 3.5/5 based on 4 customer reviews
Fierce Intense Cologne - by , 2016-09-28
5/ 5stars
1.7 oz Perfect intensityAs someone who has been wearing the regular Fierce for 10+ years, I love the addition of Intense. The extra punch for me is worth the price -- it basically is a bit darker and stronger smelling than regular Fierce. I constantly get compliments on this one, which I think is also due to the scent having more staying power since it isn't as light as regular Fierce. I wish they would carry it in the store (none of my local ones do) so I didn't always have to order it online.
Fierce Intense Cologne - by , 2016-09-28
5/ 5stars
1.7 oz Exquisitely Executed Fragrance@ANFReviewSweepstakes I find that Fierce intense has a wider breadth of aromatic notes, than the original. The fragrance starts out with crisp marine notes, and a subtle nuance of ambergris. The sandalwood begins to shine through with hints of watermelon, as the oils begin to breakdown molecularly on the skin. Once the fragrance has matured, and has undergone full accord development, the fragrance truly becomes harmonious. Unlike some of the other reviewers, I find the "throw" to be quite predominant. Once applied, Fierce Intense lasts thru the entire day. *One should note that individual skin PH & biologic strata greatly affect aromatic development and fragrance tenacity* (i.e, this fragrance smells/reacts differently on each individual's skin) I LIVE BY FIERCE INTENSE; it's more refined than the original and has a dramatic increase in volatile aromatics. Without a doubt, for the true fragrance Connoisseur.
Fierce Intense Cologne - by , 2016-09-24
2/ 5stars
1.7 oz Stick with the OriginalThe concentration level while supposedly is more does not last any longer than the original, save your money and go with the original. I have used the original for many years and always receive comments about my cologne, it doesn't seem to matter if it's after I first put it on or lasting throughout the day. But Intense doesn't provide any better results.
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Product Details

Built to make a lasting impression, Fierce Intense is our most concentrated formula. The scent of Fierce Intense is identical to Fierce. It captures the energy that every Man wants to exhibit, and every Woman desires. Fierce masters the laws of attraction, embodying strength by setting itself apart from the crowd. Fierce is a leader, a competitor, and an icon. Known as the world's hottest fragrance, Fierce is a symbol of masculine magnetism and great American achievement. Live the tradition of Abercrombie & Fitch with our signature scent.
Marine Breeze - Sandalwood - Sensual Musk

Contains alcohol

Fragrance can ship to US, CA, CN, HK, UK and most European countries.

Material and Care

Store Item: 164-646-0039-010
Web Item: 82785


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No Reviews Yet
(4 Reviews)