Abercrombie & Fitch

Distribution Centers

Our two distribution centers (DCs), each a million sq. ft., are the hub for all A&F merchandise to be shipped before going to stores. With the DCs in our backyard, we are able to ensure that only the highest quality of garments will reach the hands of our customers.


The A&F campus is as beautiful as it is functional. The Home Office is centralized in order for all of our associates to be able to work together quickly and efficiently in support of our brands. With all of our departments from merchandising to design collaborating on our products on campus, we are able to react to emerging trends faster than any other retailer. Cutting edge facilities, technology, and resources are available at your fingertips, making our Home Office a retail playground for the most talented in the industry to grow their careers.


Our newly built, state of the art Innovation & Design Center (IDC) is one-of-a-kind in specialty retail and gives us a distinct advantage over the competition. A multi-million dollar complex, the IDC allows us to set the fashion trends by researching, developing, and applying new graphic techniques, washes, and fabric ideas to our product.


All of our brands have stores on campus filled with our most up-to-date assortments. These stores allow for us to effectively plan how our garments will be marketed and how our stores will look and feel to our customers.